Microsoft is giving away a Barbie-themed Xbox Series S for free

It looks like the Forza Horizon 5 x Barbie crossover wasn't the only marketing stunt Mattel had in store for the upcoming film.

Forza Horizon 5 is about to get a lot more posh and classy with the incoming crossover with everybody's favorite party girl, Barbie. But, that's not all. As part of the promotion, Xbox is giving away a Barbie-themed Xbox Series S console and a host of controllers that promise to turn your gaming experience into a vibrant and fashionable extravaganza.

Come to think of it, Forza Horizon 5's promotional campaign with Barbie is a genius move ahead of the release of the film and its sister title, Forza Motorsport.

Microsoft’s Xbox, in partnership with Warner Bros. and Mattel, has launched this dazzling initiative to celebrate the highly anticipated release of the new live-action film, Barbie, which premieres globally on July 21.

Much like the iconic Barbie, known for her multi-faceted career journey, persevering optimism, and insatiable appetite for self-discovery, this partnership embodies an all-encompassing gaming experience.

The inclusive line of dolls are a great way to show younger audiences that there are plenty of women in the gaming industry.

Embracing the limitless potential of diversity and style, the collaboration extends to exclusive content within one of the best racing sims on the market today, a video about careers in gaming, the first-ever Xbox Barbie dolls, and much more.

The Barbie-themed Xbox Series S console mirrors Barbie's Dreamhouse, echoing Microsoft’s playful design philosophy. As if a full-sized Dreamhouse wasn’t enough, the console is brightly pink and sporting the Barbie logo, creating an unmistakably chic statement. The release includes five distinct controller faceplates designed after Barbie and Ken's on-screen outfits as well, covering various shades and patterns of pink.

Although the console is digital only – ironically eliminating the possibility of playing any Barbie discs – this vibrant addition to the Xbox family is expected to delight Barbie and gaming enthusiasts alike.

In line with the fashion-forward theme, Forza Horizon 5 has also received a Barbie makeover. The game now features the classic 1956 Chevrolet Corvette EV Corvette and the 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup, both associated with the Barbie movie, letting players race virtually alongside Barbie and Ken, which confirms the earlier rumors.

Microsoft might want to think about releasing these one-off Xbox Series S consoles to the general public.

Outside of the gaming realm, Microsoft is also holding international sweepstakes for ten Barbie dolls donned in the latest Xbox gear. Each doll is reflective of the Barbie line, renowned for its market-leading diversity. Along with the Xbox-themed clothes, the dolls come accessorized with an Xbox Series S console, Wireless Controller, and an Adaptive Controller.

The upcoming livestream on July 14 from the World of Barbie promises to be a source of inspiration for young girls. The long-time Forza franchise developers will discuss their career journeys, motivations, and personal connections with Barbie. Echoing the spirit of Barbie's diverse professional roles in the movie, Xbox aims to highlight the limitless potential in the gaming field.

As part of the promotional campaign, the Barbie-themed Xbox Series S and controllers aren't available for purchase, but fans will have a chance to win these through sweepstakes starting July 10 via the Xbox Twitter account and Microsoft Rewards.

The live-action movie's release is set to be a blockbuster, and these collaborations add another exciting layer to the global anticipation. So, let's fasten our seatbelts and race towards July 21, celebrating a Barbie Land where everyone can play and win!

Now, if Forza Horizon 5 isn't up to your speed, don't worry because Turn 10 Studios is pulling up with the "reboot" Forza Motorsport soon. The upcoming racing sim will be out in October, as per the studio's latest announcement.


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