Editorial Standards

Commitment to Truth

Xfire is dedicated to uncovering and reporting the truth on all topics we cover, with a focus on sincerity and fairness. We verify all information using original sources whenever possible and strive to avoid distortion or misrepresentation of facts, whether by mistake or intention. If inaccuracies occur despite our best efforts, we will take prompt steps to correct them and notify readers accordingly.

Personal commentary and opinions may be included by writers, and such instances will either be overwhelmingly obvious from the content, or clearly identified as such.

No Harm

At Xfire, we aim to treat all readers with respect and minimize any potential harm that may inadvertently arise from our writing, without compromising the truth. We strive to balance factual reporting and context with the potential discomfort or offense some readers may experience.

Our editorial decisions prioritize long-term implications, and we seek to provide up-to-date reporting without omitting key facts or context. Authors may express personal views that do not represent Xfire's overall stance.

We endeavor to correct published content if errors are identified and to produce accurate, truthful, and valuable content while avoiding inappropriate topics, regardless of popularity.

Article Updates

We ensure all content on Xfire is current, reflecting the latest facts and news. Our team decides whether to amend existing content or post new content with corrections.

Qualitative edits affecting only grammar or formatting will not warrant notices. However, if content is modified with new information, a clear note will be added to the post.

Articles with updated content, where the original remains unaltered, will have clear indications of where updates begin.

Conflict of Interest

Our team is expected to avoid conflicts of interest and refrain from covering topics where personal or professional relationships may influence coverage. In cases of minor conflicts, we may allow authors to continue reporting on a topic, provided the conflict is properly disclosed.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

While we acknowledge the potential benefits of AI in journalism, Xfire currently does not use AI for story creation, except for occasional headline testing and generating social media blurbs. We may also use AI to explore featured topic ideas, but our experienced journalists both write and edit all final content.

Fact-Checking Policy

Xfire prioritizes reader trust by verifying article accuracy, originality, and novelty with reference to sources. We focus on primary sources and aim to present factual information without undue interpretation. Notable leaks, rumors, reports, unofficial statements, and datamined information are marked as such to prevent reader confusion.

Integrity in Analysis

In addition to news reporting, Xfire offers original content such as analysis, op-eds, and guides. Our editorial team holds all content to high verification and truthfulness standards, ensuring well-researched articles that avoid misleading presentation, even when not directly related to fact-based topics or events.

For any questions, please email editorial@xfire.com.

Last modified on May 3, 2023.

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