Wordle hints and tips

Improve your chances of solving the Wordle of the day with these 10 tips.

In this article, we share the top strategies and tips to help you solve Wordle puzzles efficiently and effectively, making your daily word challenge a breeze.

Start with a strategic first word

Choose a word containing popular letters (e.g., CRATE or SLATE) to either confirm or eliminate some of the most frequent letters in the English language. You can also begin with a word that has several vowels (e.g., ADIEU or AUDIO).

We have a guide to the best Wordle starting words.

Focus on common consonants

After trying out popular vowels and using your starting word or words, shift your focus to common consonants such as R, L, S, N, and M. This can help you maximize your chances of success with your guesses.

Be consistent with your first word

Using the same starting word for each game can serve as a baseline strategy that increases your familiarity with potential outcomes over time.

Use the process of elimination

After your first guess, try a word containing completely different letters to narrow down possibilities quickly. This can help you identify the correct letters and their positions more efficiently.

Take your time

Remember that you have the entire day (from midnight in your local timezone) to solve a Wordle puzzle. Spend a few minutes analyzing your options and strategizing your next moves after you've identified some correct letters.

Don’t forget about repeating letters

Words in Wordle puzzles may contain the same letter more than once (e.g., BANAL or ABBEY). When coming up with your guesses, consider the possibility of repeated letters.

Keep an eye on less popular letters

While focusing on popular letters is a good strategy, don't completely disregard less common letters like Q, Z, and X. They might still appear in the solution.

Utilize clues from previous guesses

Always use the information from your previous guesses to inform your next attempt. Focus on placing the correct letters in their proper positions and identifying new letters to try.

Remember Wordle uses US spellings

Non-US players should be aware that Wordle uses American English spelling. Keep this in mind when trying to solve the puzzle.

Practice with other word games

Playing Wordle copycats or other word games can help improve your vocabulary and problem-solving skills, making it easier to identify potential solutions in Wordle.


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