Best Wordle starting words

Choose the best Wordle starting words to give yourself the best shot at solving the day's puzzle.

Choosing the right Wordle starting word can make a big difference to your chances of solving the puzzle. With so many possible five-letter combinations, it can be tough to know where to begin.

That's why we've put together this guide, which compiles some of the most effective strategies for selecting the best starting words. Use it with our more general tips guide and you'll be well on your way to becoming a Wordle master.

Best Wordle starting words

If you want to cut to the chase and avoid all the reasoning, here's a simple list of the best starting words for Wordle. Try each out and see which one gives you the best results!


These top 5 starting words are derived from a combination of mathematical analysis, common letter frequency, and vowel-heavy words. They are designed to give you an edge in solving the Wordle puzzle by eliminating a significant number of possibilities with each guess.

Now, let's dive deeper into the different strategies:

Vowel-heavy words

One of the most common strategies is to start with vowel-heavy words. This is because vowels are the building blocks of most words, and focusing on them helps to eliminate a significant number of possibilities. Some recommended starting words include ADIEU, AUDIO, and OUIJA, which cover four vowels.

Most common letters

Another strategy is to choose words that include the most common vowels and consonants. For example, the word RAISE covers the three most common vowels (A, E, and I) and the two most common consonants (R and S). This helps to further narrow down the list of potential answers.

Math and information theory

Mathematician and computer scientist Grant Sanderson (3Blue1Brown on YouTube) has analyzed Wordle using information theory and mathematical concepts. Based on his analysis, the ideal starting words are SLATE, TRACE, and CRATE. However, remember that the effectiveness of the starting word depends on how well you use the information from that word in your subsequent guesses.


Some players prefer a three-word starting strategy to narrow down the list of possible letters in the solution. One such strategy is to start with RATIO, followed by MENDS, and then LUCKY. Alternatively, you can use SCALY, GUIDE, and THORN. Both approaches cast a wide net alphabetically with the first three guesses, making it easier to figure out the solution with the remaining attempts.


There's no single perfect starting word for Wordle, but by combining the best elements from multiple strategies, you can improve your chances of solving the day's puzzle. Focus on vowel-heavy words, consider common letters, and use mathematically optimal starting words like SLATE, TRACE, and CRATE. Experiment with three-word strategies like RATIO-MENDS-LUCKY or SCALY-GUIDE-THORN, and adjust your approach based on which works for you.


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