Blizzard confirms class-inclusive cosmetics for Diablo 4 Battle Pass

It's not quite the compromise that Diablo 4 players expect to see from Blizzard Entertainment but it's an excellent start.

Ever since Blizzard Entertainment announced the introduction of Seasons in Diablo 4, the community hasn't stopped with its speculations. Things only got "worse" as the game posted the company's best-selling launch and conversations about its restrictive "macrotransactions" took place. 

Maybe, just maybe, one of the biggest reasons why a lot of fans were worried is because Blizzard might use the Battle Pass to introduce non-cosmetic-only gear in Diablo 4.

The Battle Pass system, popularized by games like Fortnite and Dota 2, introduces a new form of progression with both free and premium tracks that offer rewards as players level up.

The question on the minds of the Diablo community: How are Battle Passes and their cosmetics going to work in Diablo 4?

By confirming that the cosmetic-only freebies from the Diablo 4 Battle Pass will be available to all classes, Blizzard is saying that it doesn't intend to break its promise anytime soon.

One of the main concerns about the Battle Pass rewards is if they will be class-specific, which limits the availability of certain items to particular characters. For instance, if a player primarily used a Barbarian class, they'll miss out on cosmetics specific to a Necromancer and vice versa. However, Fergusson's confirmation on Twitter is a sigh of relief for players, indicating a progressive stance from Blizzard.

Regardless of which class a player primarily uses, they can access and utilize any cosmetic earned through the Battle Pass.

For a cost of $10, players can access the premium reward track on the Battle Pass, allowing them to accumulate levels over the three months and earn coveted cosmetic items. This system also gives players Platinum, which is the game's premium in-game currency. Despite some resistance to the cost of microtransactions, Diablo 4's digital purchases have seen considerable success, indicating that players are willing to invest in unique cosmetic enhancements.

Of course, this still doesn't clarify Blizzard's earlier statement about requiring players to create a new character every three months to enjoy seasonal content - but it's something.

Diablo 4's first season will release mid-July and the steady cycle of new seasons will continue from there. Over the next few weeks, we'll find out more about what Blizzard really has planned for Diablo 4, outside of the two in-development expansions and whatever it promised for the game earlier.

The good news is that, as players explore new dungeons, slay demons, and progress through the Battle Pass, Diablo 4 will give them a chance to personalize their characters with various outfits, regardless of their chosen class.

For now, it's safe to say that Diablo 4 players still have plenty to learn about what's coming to the Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 will need to win over fans every season and avoid making controversy if it wants to maintain its current level of success.

On the flip side, Diablo 4 already has a ton of stuff in it that Blizzard squeezed in under everyone's noses. For example, fans keep finding proof that a Secret Cow Level exists in Diablo 4, despite Blizzard's insistence that it isn't there. Finally, players are now looking for ways to trigger the not-so-secret-anymore post-credits scene of Diablo 4 teasing the imminent arrival of the Lord of Hatred, Mephisto, and the in-game debut of his son, Lucion.


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