Netflix drops new trailer for The Witcher Season 3 Volume 1

The princess of Cintra has shed her damsel-in-distress image, revealing her formidable warrior skills as a Witcher in the latest trailer.

Geralt of Rivia is gearing up for his biggest test yet in the latest trailer for The Witcher Season 3, which sees him fight all kinds of monsters, mages, and elves.

In the just over a minute-long Volume 1 trailer, Geralt and Jaskier reunite and discuss the imminent danger they're up against, highlighting the measures Jaskier must take to stay alive.

Season 2 concluded with the Brotherhood and Northern monarchs placing a bounty on the heads of Ciri and her protectors, and the trailer reveals Geralt and Yennefer defending themselves against numerous assailants. Yet, Ciri's growth as a witcher-in-training is evident as she fearlessly battles the monsters that come her way.

With the trio now united, the upcoming season will delve into the group's complex dynamic. Geralt assumes the role of a father figure for Ciri, while Yennefer embarks on a journey to push her powers to new boundaries.

As for Ciri, she begins her own path as a witcher, and after witnessing Ciri's extraordinary abilities, Yennefer sets out on a quest to unlock the hidden potential within her at Aretuza.

Henry Cavill's departure from the beloved role of the legendary witcher will certainly be a bitter pill for his fans to swallow. As the upcoming season wraps up, the 40-year-old actor will bid farewell to the Netflix series, making way for Liam Hemsworth to take over in the fourth and recently renewed fifth seasons.

Netflix is splitting Season 3 into two volumes, with the first part releasing on June 29 and the thrilling conclusion arriving on July 27.


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