Seth Rollins helps WWE NXT pull up its best viewership numbers in years

Seth Rollins has lived up to his word by accepting the challenge to defend his title in NXT against Bron Breakker.

WWE NXT universe recently witnessed one of the biggest matches in its history as Seth Rollins came down from the main roster to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Bron Breakker in an event that captivated viewers across the globe.

Seth Rollins really seems like he's having fun defending his title belt as often as possible.

The match, coupled with the lack of competition from NBA and NHL playoffs, created a significant upsurge in ratings and viewership for the wrestling brand.

According to ShowBuzzDaily and Wrestlenomics, the June 20 "NXT" episode averaged 773,000 viewers, a remarkable 33% increase from the previous week. The "key demo" most valued by advertisers, which are the adults aged 18 to 49, made up approximately 300,000 of these viewers, representing an impressive 46% uptick from the preceding week.

Seth Rollins' current run as a fighting champion has been nothing short of amazing.

This figure translates to a 0.23 rating in the 18 to 49 demographic, which ranked "NXT" second in ShowBuzzDaily's rankings of Tuesday's cable originals – the highest the show has ever achieved in its near-four year run on USA Network.

As per Wrestlenomics, the positive trend was reflected across all tracked demographics, with each gaining at least 23% if you compare it to the prior four weeks' median numbers. The biggest percentage increase was observed in men aged 18 to 49 at 50%, followed by both adults aged 25 to 54 and adults aged 35 to 49 at 48%, female viewers aged 12 to 34 at 46%, and adults aged 18 to 49 at 41%.

The match between Rollins and Breakker was a particular highlight. The viewership peaked at 950k during the eight-minute overrun after 10 pm, a testament to the drawing power of both superstars. The popularity underscores a successful strategy on WWE's part of integrating main roster stars into NXT programming to bolster ratings as well.

Under the visionary leadership of WWE CEO Nick Khan, NXT seems poised for a potential third brand equal to Raw and SmackDown, aiming to build a more integrated WWE universe. However, the challenge lies in maintaining NXT's identity as a developmental division, a space where the future stars of WWE are nurtured and presented to a committed fanbase that appreciates fresh talents.

Some fans hope that this isn't Seth Rollins' farewell run ahead of his presumed all-in move to Hollywood to pursue an acting career.

It's unclear when Seth Rollins will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against a challenger from NXT next but he'll have his hands full at the Money in the Bank in London on July 2.

Seth Rollins will defend his title belt against Finn Balor in what's being described as a rematch seven years in the making.

Speaking of Money in the Bank, several other matches have also been confirmed for the event, including Logan Paul and his bid to win the titular briefcase, presumably to use and cash in against Seth Rollins at a later date.


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  1. I don't watch NXT on the regular but even his presence got me watching it. Can't wait for MitB though!

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