What is the Magic: The Gathering Ambassador Program and who is it for?

Wizards of the Coast launches the Magic: The Gathering Ambassador Program for content creators to promote new MTG products, events, and more.

Wizards of the Coast is looking to team-up with content creators via their newly launched Magic: The Gathering Ambassador Program.

Wizards of the Coast launches the Magic: The Gathering Ambassador Program for content creators to promote new MTG products, events, and more. (Images: Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro)

2023 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years for Magic: The Gathering. Despite controversies in the past year, Magic: The Gathering remains a billion-dollar moneymaker for WotC and parent company Hasbro. In fact, the massively popular fantasy trading card game has increased its profitability, up by 16% compared to 2022, according to Hasbro’s first quarter financial report.

With the upcoming crossover set with the epic Tolkien mythos in Magic: The Gathering – Tales of Middle-earth already looking to be another big win for the company, WotC is looking at the potential marketing opportunities content creators can offer.

The launch of the Magic: The Gathering Ambassador Program was announced through the official website and shared via social media.

Wizards of the Coast describes the Magic: The Gathering Ambassador Program as follows:

The MTG Ambassador Program provides content creators with additional tools to create their Magic: The Gathering content. Ambassadors receive set information and a variety of cards from each set before debut day in order to prepare thoughtful, informative content for their audience. They’re beacons of kindness, creativity, and inclusivity.

Content creators who are lucky enough to be included in the MTG Ambassador Program will get exclusive swag. This includes product samples from every Magic: The Gathering set as they are released, Magic: The Gathering Arena benefits, MagicCon badges, and other cool stuff. They will also have direct access to provide feedback and work with WotC in promotional initiatives for the Magic: The Gathering brand.

Content creators selected to be part of the 2023 Magic: The Gathering Ambassador Program will receive swag and benefits for both the tabletop version and the digital Magic: The Gathering Arena game.

But before you go knocking at WoTC’s door and raising your hand saying you volunteer like Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games, note that the initial roster of MTG Ambassadors has apparently already been selected. According to the announcement:

The 2023 Ambassadors were chosen because of their varied content creation styles, backgrounds, and platforms. We took extra care in our evaluation processes to address potential biases that may exclude marginalized or underrepresented groups and invited creators for whom Magic is their singular passion, or one of many. The program includes creators of all sizes and levels of notoriety. Selected creators were already meeting the frequency of Magic: The Gathering content that we requested.

The MTG Ambassador Program is currently limited to content creators located in the North American region. Moreover, the program is available by invite-only. Thus, if you are not an existing Magic: The Gathering content creator with an already established following and clout, it’s unlikely that you will be one of the proverbial "chosen few" who are part of the 2023 selection process.

The roster for the 2023 MTG Ambassador Program has apparently already been selected and limited to content creators in North America. However, there are future plans to expand prior to the selection of the 2024 roster.

With that said, Wizards of the Coast has stated it will eventually set up an application process and form in the future when the next roster of 2024 Magic: The Gathering Ambassadors will be selected. Moreover, the scope will be expanded to regions other than North America as the program grows.

One cannot help but wonder though if this is a reaction to the issues involving Wizards of the Coast in recent months. The Pinkerton incident involving a YouTube MTG fan who accidentally received boxes of March of the Machine: The Aftermath certainly comes to mind. Magic: The Gathering fans even called out for a boycott due to the sour taste left by that particular situation.

For MTG fans who are looking for more information and details about the Magic: The Gathering Ambassador Program, Wizards of the Coast encourages contacting them by email at creators@wizards.com.


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    1. It won't, if anything it will cause more issues. I hate to say it but MTG fell off and there is no coming back, at least not for me and my friends.

  1. so this is just a fancy club for “a diverse selection” of content creators to get free things from mgt?

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