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Even though we love all things vintage, even we have to admit that digital is the best way of sharing things. As soon as we’ve finished editing your Super 8 wedding video, we’ll put it online so you can watch it straight away and share it with friends and family. This will be 4-5 minutes in length and set to music, our choice or yours, as Super 8 film is silent.

In addition to this, we’ll provide a copy on DVD which will also contain a second video of all the bits that didn’t make it into the main film.

Last but not least you’ll get all of the original 8mm film with all your footage on it. Digital formats come and go whereas film lasts for centuries, so you’ll always have a master copy of your special day.



Our price is £1,200 for a day’s filming, starting as early and ending as late as you like. Contact me for availability.


Matthew Modget Films
Vintage Super 8 Wedding videos from Yorkshire

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