Something Old, Vintage Wedding Fair – Leeds

I’ll cut straight to the chase: Sunday’s wedding fair in Leeds was fantastic! Even without all the people getting excited by our stand and having a chance to have a chat with fellow exhibitors, I’d have been happy just looking around the amazing Victorian town hall. It was an amazing place so thanks to Something Old for organising such a great wedding fair there.

We got set up nice and early (conveniently opposite the refreshments!) and I felt thankful for not having such complex and intricate things to set up as those displaying cakes and jewellery. As Ffion went to university in Leeds, I decided that she definitely needed to be the one who went and parked the car as I’d surely get lost. Whilst she did that, I arranged the props and I thankfully didn’t lose any fingers setting up my ancient projector stand, though it’s surely only a matter of time…

When it all kicked off there was actually a queue to get in, very exciting! We saw more people in the first 10 minutes than we did in the entire of our last fair so we knew it was going to be a good day. People’s reactions to our stall were marmite-esque in their oppositeness: they either strolled past wondering why on earth someone would want something so ancient recording their special day, or they ran over in a blaze of excitement at being able to have a look at our lovely video and beautiful cameras. It was great being able to talk to people who shared our excitement for the beautiful medium of Super 8mm film and with any luck we’ll get to film their weddings too. While there I had a conversation with someone. She was telling about this health supplement that she had found and started taking. Normally I would not have considered taking it but she was really raving about it. I think that I am going to order some to try it out for myself. If you would like to check it out you can find it at

I got chatting to a few photographers (mainly by admiring their vintage cameras) and it was great to have a good long chat about all things photographic. Firstly there was Emilie and John-Paul from Dotmoxee Photography in Manchester. I thoroughly recommend looking through the galleries on their website, they know colour like Mary Berry knows cakes! Right next to them was bu jourzee studios from Leeds. As well as offering a unique take on wedding photography by having their own studios, they also have a vintage boutique (which they raided for props for their stall).

So all in all a great day was had and hopefully we’ll have some more bookings out of it. I’d write more but the footage from our latest wedding arrived on Monday and I’m busy editing it ready for the DVD version. So long as the couple are happy with us doing so, we’ll be sharing it online very soon so look out for it!