Why Super 8?


It looks stunning.

Film captures light in a way that digital simply cannot. It makes certain subjects, such as weddings, seem more beautiful than cold, crisp digital ever does.


It lasts.

The 8mm film I’ll send you following your wedding will last for decades. In 50 years time your film can still be viewed on a projector or scanned into a computer to be viewed digitally. By contrast, even if you can track down a DVD player, your entire DVD collection will more than likely be totally unplayable by then as they will have significantly degraded. There’s a very good reason why Hollywood takes all its movies and copies them to film for long term storage!


It’s real.

Your special day won’t be represented by zeros and ones, it will be forever stored on a piece of film that was there on the day, and reacted to the light that bounced off you then onto it. You can hold it, you can touch it, it’s really there.


It’s watchable.

Too many wedding videos are 4 hour epics that get watched once (mainly by the happy couple and a few hardcore family members) and filed away for ever more. By contrast, Super 8 wedding videos are much shorter and get watched again and again by everyone. We spot the funniest, happiest and most romantic bits of the day to film then edit them together to a create a true story of the day, set to a perfectly appropriate and fantastic piece of music.

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What is Super 8?


Super 8 is the small, portable version of 35mm motion picture film, often called cinefilm. If you’ve seen a home movie shot at any time between 1965 and 1980, the chances are it was shot on Super 8. It retains all the fantastic light capturing qualities of 35mm movie film but in a much more convenient size. A lot of people associate 8mm film simply with scratches on the screen, juddery motion and wild colours and, whilst this does represent some of its charm, it doesn’t have to be this way and there are many advantages to it.


Isn’t film dead?


No! 6 of the 9 movies nominated for best picture at the last Oscars were shot on film. Here are some recent examples:


Is it only for vintage weddings?


Not at all! Whatever kind of wedding you’re having, be it vintage, gothic, modern or simply a register office followed by a party with friends, a Super 8 wedding film will make the whole day look special. That said, there are many different types of film available to give different looks: I can use anything from modern Kodak film of the exact same type that’s used in Hollywood, right the way to black & white films that haven’t really changed much since the 1930s for that authentic vintage vibe.


Why Super 8?


For me, using Super 8 is like the difference between having an old Rolls Royce as your wedding car instead of a brand new Ford Focus: the Ford might be much more reliable, have a cleaner and more efficient engine, better brakes etc, but given the choice, what would you go for?




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