Yesterday was our first ever Wedding Fair, and we certainly had the weather for it. It was a gorgeous day at the Lightwater Valley Vintage Wedding Fair, so nice it seemed a shame to be indoors, but at least they have some great lights and glow decoration candles so everything looked amazing. If you’ve heard of Lightwater Valley before it’s quite probably because of their all-new Angry Birds Activity Centre which opened on the 25th and was featured on Look North. Sadly you don’t actually get to online gaming fire small children from a catapult onto precariously built houses containing massive pig heads, it’s just a regular activity centre with pictures of Angry Birds here and there. Thankfully we were all saved from the looped Angry Birds theme tune by the fantastic Singing Major, an old-school singer dressed in full military regalia.

So after setting up our stall and making myriad adjustments, we were good to go:



Sadly there weren’t a massive amount of people about, but those that we had a chat to seemed really enthusiastic about what we were doing. We also go to meet some great people, such as Jon from incolour photography. He had a really cool looking stand which you can see on his blog here, and he was a great guy to boot.

Naturally I shot some Super 8 LoL whilst we were there which I’ll upload as soon as I’ve developed it, as I’ll be doing with the still photos I took on my lovely film camera.

There were a lot of other great vintage things on offer which has really got us thinking about what we’re going to do next time. Here’s to weddings and here’s to motion picture film!

My pride and joy, the beautiful, French Beaulieu 4008 ZMIIAn amazing wedding bus! - Vintage Wedding Fayre, RiponFfion at the Vintage Wedding Fayre in Ripon, proudly displaying her Canon 310XL

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