Naoki Yoshida wants fans to "look forward" to the PC port of Final Fantasy 16

Judging by how beautiful Final Fantasy 16 is on the PlayStation 5, it can only look and run better on gaming PCs once the port is released.

Yes,  the PlayStation 5 stock shortage is over. It's also true that the PS5 just posted the best-selling quarter of all time. But, just because more people have PS5s these days doesn't mean that you and everyone else have one. It's not like all gamers can afford to spend another $600 or so to get a gaming console when they've already spent twice as much if not more on a very capable gaming PC. Unfortunately, the cost of having a gaming PC isn't always literal - the waiting game for exclusives, especially the ones on the PlayStation platform, can take a while. Case in point, Final Fantasy 16.

At this rate, a 2025 release date for the PC port of Final Fantasy 16 seems like a safe bet.

The game's original reveal trailer confirmed that FF16 will eventually be available on the PC and the game's producer, Naoki Yoshida, has since confirmed that it's only a limited-time exclusive on the PS5 albeit its arrival on the PC isn't going to be anytime soon.

Now, in a recent stream, Yoshida has confirmed that Square Enix, or specifically Creative Business Unit III, is already hard at work on the PC port of FF16 and he wants everyone to "look forward" to it, as per PC Gamer.

Of course, the caveat remains: patience is key. FF16 is only as polished as it is right now on the PS5 after Square Enix made the decision to delay it from its original release date for additional work.

The result is a GOTY contender that could've probably been a rare AAA title that didn't need a Day One patch at launch if not for Square Enix's perfectionism coming into play at the last minute.

If nothing else, Yoshida's statement only parrots what he said earlier and clarifies one key detail: Square Enix wants to deliver a game that is as phenomenal on the PC as it is on the PS5.

Judging by how much work Square Enix put into Final Fantasy 16, we don't think it's going to get a post-launch expansion.

Thus, the question is no longer if Final Fantasy 16 will come to PC, but when. And while the answer remains shrouded in mystery, there's a shared sense of anticipation and excitement among fans who've been left watching from the sidelines as PS5 owners enjoy what's probably one of the best outings in franchise history.

For the PC players out there, hold fast. Rest assured that your wait is worth it. FF16's arrival on the PC is imminent. When it finally arrives, Yoshi-P guarantees that it'll be a grand spectacle of storytelling, action, and adventure.

If you can't wait the presumed two years between now and the release of FF16's PC port, the PS5 is much more readily available than before.

As for Square Enix, it's currently on a Final Fantasy spree. After enjoying what we can only presume is a massive launch for FF16, the storied developers of one of gaming's most iconic franchises will release Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth sometime early next year. Not only that, but there are rumors that remakes as well as remasters of Final Fantasy 9, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy Tactics, are all on the docket. Finally, with employees within the company wanting to revisit both Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, the franchise will very well be part of the mainstream spotlight for the foreseeable future with a constant stream of releases - both old and new.


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