Final Fantasy 16 is making the PlayStation 5 overheat

Some PS5 owners are reporting that their consoles just turned off in the middle of a boss fight while playing Final Fantasy 16.

Square Enix thought of everything with Final Fantasy 16. However, it likely didn't expect the game to push the PlayStation 5 so hard that it's killing itself.

Similar reports emerged about God of War: Ragnarok on the PS5 last year as well, which hints at a potential design flaw in the first batch of PS5 units.

This is what's happening right now as players finally got a chance to enjoy the latest PS5 exclusive after critics praised it as GOTY material.

While no one is complaining about how good FF16 looks or how well it plays, some PS5 consoles can't seem to handle the heat, so to speak.

Fans report a worrisome trend of PS5s overheating during gameplay, particularly during the game's epic boss battles. The tweets from players, along with threads on Reddit and ResetEra, recount instances of PS5s running hot and, in some cases, shutting down while running FF16. This issue isn't confined to the final game either, as it was reported during the demo phase.

The spotlighted issue appears to be specific to FF16, with users noting that their console showed no signs of dust, which is a common culprit for overheating. Many speculate that a potential design flaw in the first-generation PS5s is to blame. It's either that or FF16 may be uniquely triggering the problem.

However, others aren't quite convinced, believing that a simple cleaning of their console fans resolved the overheating issue.

Square Enix still hasn't confirmed nor denied that FF16 can literally make a PS5 go ahead and turn itself off.

If this is indeed a problem rooted in the game's design or execution, the burden would likely fall on Square Enix, FF16's developers, to release a patch or fix. However, it's essential to remember that, at this stage, the issue isn't conclusively widespread. With FF16 just being released worldwide, it remains to be seen if this is a pervasive problem or isolated to a smaller subset of players.

Until we have a clearer picture, players need not be helpless victims of these potential hardware meltdowns. There are preventative measures to ensure FF16 doesn't turn your gaming experience into a hot mess. Switching FF16's settings from "Graphics" to "Frame Rate" could reduce the tax on your PS5's CPU. You could also turn off HDR from the PS5 settings to help with performance, albeit at the cost of color contrast. Additionally, positioning your PS5 in an open, well-ventilated area off the floor can prevent dust collection and aid heat dispersion.

These solutions aim to address the overheating issue specifically with FF16. The same tip may help if you're experiencing stuttering during gameplay as well. If you suspect dust accumulation is the root cause of your overheating woes, there are guides available to assist in carefully cleaning your console.

These sorts of issues are somewhat understandable given how limited the space for proper airflow can be in consoles.

Final Fantasy 16 promises to be another exciting chapter in the renowned franchise. But as fans across the globe gear up to delve into Valisthea's realm, this unexpected wrinkle in the form of overheating consoles is surely a distraction that neither the players nor Square Enix wanted. While we wait for an official response from the developers and a possible remedy, it's a good reminder for players to maintain their consoles regularly, ensuring they stay dust-free and properly ventilated.

At the very least, a potential solution, the PS5 Pro, is reportedly just right around the corner.

Square Enix might have to release a patch to address this issue in FF16 if this keeps up.

Ultimately, this issue brings into focus the delicate balance between game complexity and hardware capabilities. As games become increasingly elaborate and resource-demanding, gaming consoles must match the pace. It's a dance that will continue into the future, with the occasional misstep, as we see with FF16 and PS5. Still, each stumble provides valuable lessons, making the gaming world a better place in the end.


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    1. Maybe the people that arent having the issue already had their settings changed prior to the game's release?

  1. I was wondering what was going on. I haven't had any issue but a few friends have. I will let them now to change the settings.

  2. This game is unoptimized and needs a patch. More taxing and graphically intense games like God Of War, Horizon, Demon's Souls etc didn't cause any issues.

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