Yuke's reveal AEW: Fight Forever launch roster ahead of June 29 release

While fans are concerned about the state of AEW: Fight Forever, the official roster reveal and the release date is enough to get fans excited for what's to come.

As wrestling enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the launch of AEW: Fight Forever, Yuke's – the former WWE developer, and AEW have revealed an impressive lineup of 52 playable characters.

Only time will tell if AEW: Fight Forever is a homerun or a flop.

The roster features a blend of legends, current stars, and even a few unexpected surprises, all set to engage players in the high-octane, nostalgic arcade-style gameplay experience that has been the cornerstone of the game's promise since its announcement in November 2020.

The game aims to channel the vibes of beloved late-'90s titles like WWF No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge, focusing on easy-to-pick gameplay enriched with an array of mini-games and match types.

Fight Forever promises a distinct break from simulation-style games like WWE 2K, with a decidedly smaller launch roster. However, this hasn't dampened fans' enthusiasm, as the roster brings an encouraging mix of AEW's homegrown stars and former WWE talents as well as legends of the sport, setting the stage for an intense battle in the virtual ring.

One of the standout figures in the lineup is former AEW star Cody Rhodes. Despite his move back to WWE, Rhodes remains in the game – a decision that AEW star Kenny Omega previously confirmed. The inclusion of Rhodes is the AEW's way of acknowledging his role in the formation of AEW in 2019. And while there are notable omissions in the initial lineup, Yuke's and AEW Games have already announced plans for DLC packages that will bring additional stars into the gaming arena.

A sneak peek into the season one pass reveals that it is set to augment the roster with seven significant additions, including FTR, Keith Lee, The Bunny, Hook, and Danhausen. Moreover, anyone who pre-orders the game will get playable versions of Matt Hardy in both his Hardys and Broken variants. The Elite Edition pre-order even promises more surprises, with stars like Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood, Keith Lee, The Bunny, HOOK, and Danhausen set to be available as downloadable content at a later date.

Yuke's and AEW has a different approach to AEW: Fight Forever compared to Visual Concepts and 2K with WWE 2K.

The game's journey from its announcement in 2020 to its final release date has been full of anticipation, speculation and a fair share of confusion. With incremental updates released over two and a half years, the game's development timeline saw several notable moments. Notably, the game was officially confirmed for a June 2023 release, coming after Forbidden Door, AEW's crossover pay-per-view with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

So, get ready to engage in electrifying matches, execute legendary moves, and immerse yourself in the world of wrestling with AEW: Fight Forever, because the wait is finally over!


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