Jimmy and Jey welcome Solo Sikoa to the Uso Penitentiary

The Usos' babyface tag team run is off to an excellent start as they've started and ended consecutive episodes on a high note.

The squared circle was on fire on June 23 as audiences over at the Cajundome in Lfayette, Louisiana, found themselves at the mercy of an awesome night.

We don't think the WWE is brave enough to hype The Usos up this much ahead of Money in the Bank only to make them lose against Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns.

The latest WWE Friday Night SmackDown episode wasn't just any wrestling episode, but a window into a saga that's been simmering in The Bloodline for years, the Uso Penitentiary's rise, and the showcasing of an unstoppable force, Solo Sikoa.

Three years in the making, The Usos – Jimmy and Jey, set the stage for a family showdown as they heralded The Bloodline Civil War match against The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. They not only reminded their cousin and brother of their prowess as the best tag team in wrestling but also took a jibe at Paul Heyman, The Special Counsel.

It's clear that Solo Sikoa will be the next to defect from the Bloodline after The Usos.

Accusing him as the catalyst for Reigns' heel turn, the twins ignited speculations of Heyman and the role he's yet to play as the Bloodline storyline reaches a new crescendo

The Usos' confidence, charisma, and poignant commentary made a lasting impression. Their passionate claims brought a fresh intensity to their positions as babyfaces, as they balanced forgiveness with a warning of impending war. Their address to Reigns and Heyman was a reminder of the deep-seated familial ties mixed with professional rivalry that’s set to come to a head at Money in the Bank on July 1 in London and could very well extend all the way until WrestleMania 40.

The night witnessed more than just the Usos' dramatic challenge. The main event put the spotlight on Solo Sikoa, who held his own against Sheamus. The match was a testimony to Sikoa's growth as a wrestler, his ability to hold his ground against seasoned performers, and a glimpse into his potential as a powerful figure in the WWE universe.

The match saw a relentless Sikoa launch a counter-offensive against his opponent, with a thrilling series of right hands, one Samoan Drop on the outside, and a stunning Samoan Spike that sent Sheamus tumbling. A uranage atop the announce desk and a hip attack through the barricade sealed Sheamus's fate and ended the match via referee stoppage. Sikoa's brute power and relentless attack could not be ignored, and the WWE Universe watched in awe as he held his ground against the seasoned Celtic Warrior. But, as the dust settled on Sikoa's victory, the Usos made their presence felt again, charging the ring to lay down a series of superkicks on Sikoa.

The Usos punctuated their assault on the lone Bloodline member, their younger brother, with The Uso Splash, standing tall for the second consecutive week, reinforcing their reputation as the formidable tag team in wrestling.

The Usos' have done a great job selling themselves as the top baby face tag team of the WWE today, even more so than the incumbent champions, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

As if it wasn't guaranteed already, all eyes are on Money in the Bank on July 1, where the WWE Universe anticipates what's shaping up to be a culmination of simmering familial tensions and the ascension of new stars.

Judging from what we've seen, Money in the Bank will be a hell of an event with Logan Paul poised to win the briefcase and Seth Rollins defending his title in a rematch seven years in a making against Finn Balor.

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