Sting is not about to retire at AEW All-In in August

The legendary wrestler might be getting up there in terms of age but the 64-year-old iconic isn't about to call it quits.

As wrestling fans worldwide anticipate the upcoming All In event at Wembley Stadium in August, a cloud of speculation has been growing over the future of one of AEW's most enduring stars: Sting.

Sting's popularity over the audiences, even the younger ones, will guarantee that he'll always have a place in wrestling for as long as he wants to be in the ring.

The iconic wrestling figure, who remains as spry as ever at 64 years old, responded to the speculations about his retirement at the media scrum following Sunday's Forbidden Door pay-per-view, assuring fans that although the end is imminent, it will not happen at All In.

Despite speculation to the contrary, Sting clarified, "I have not decided on a date. For sure, a lot of people have wondered if I will retire in Wembley, that would be very cool, but I don't see that happening. I think I'm going to continue on."

After a near-six-year hiatus from professional wrestling, Sting made a much-lauded return to the ring in 2021. His initial retirement announcement came during his 2016 WWE Hall of Fame speech following a spinal injury he sustained in a match against Seth Rollins at the 2015 Night of Champions event. Since then, his journey with AEW has been a path of resilience, reinvention, and triumph.

In a clear rebuff to the rumors of an impending departure, Sting reiterated that AEW President Tony Khan has extended an open invitation for him to continue wrestling as long as he wishes. However, the wrestler acknowledged the inevitability of his retirement, hinting, "Showtime is just about over."

The wrestler's return to London is particularly significant. He fondly reminisces his past appearances in the city as the 'Joker Sting,' an era that was warmly received by fans. His keen anticipation for the upcoming event at Wembley Stadium signals his desire to continue performing and entertaining his worldwide fan base.

As one of AEW's biggest draws, the upstart wrestling promotion will be smart to keep on extending Sting's contract for as long as he wants.

Although Sting has previously mentioned retiring when his contract expires later this year, he didn't rule out the possibility of a contract extension. He has also indicated that his final match won't be a solo venture. In line with his current role as a mentor and tag team partner to Darby Allin, he wants Allin involved in his farewell match, ensuring a symbolic handover of the torch.

As for Tony Khan, he appears hopeful about keeping the WWE Hall of Famer active as long as the icon is willing to step into the ring. Khan's recent hint at a "historic moment" being set up at All In has fans eagerly speculating about what this might entail.

So, while the "Showtime" for Sting may be drawing to a close, the final act is yet to play out. The questions of when and where Sting's career will culminate remain open, adding an extra layer of suspense and anticipation to AEW's forthcoming events.

What we can be sure of, however, is that Sting's eventual swan song will be a spectacle worth waiting for, a celebration of a truly iconic career that has spanned multiple generations of wrestling history.

Who knows? Sting could keep on doing this for two more decades or so and immortalize himself as one of the oldest active professional wrestlers ever.

With Sting in tow and possibly CM Punk as well as MJF, AEW All-In has a good shot at giving WWE's biggest events ever a good run for their money once the gates open and the event actually starts.

Until then, AEW fans can check out AEW: Fight Forever, which comes out on  June 29 with a packed roster.


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