The Pokemon Company triggers Twitter users with its overpriced Team Rocket merchandise

When it comes to shelling out a fortune for an entire wardrobe of plainly designed clothes, Pokemon and Nike fans are undefeated.

It’s a day that ends in y, so The Pokemon Company has unveiled a new line of products bound to make people empty their pockets.

Team Rocket, the iconic antagonist group from the Pokemon franchise, is getting its own clothing line, and the internet is losing its mind over the exorbitant price tags. The Team Rocket HQ Apparel Capsule Collection, recently announced on the company's social media platforms, features a range of t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, hats, pants, socks, and jackets.

The collection's sole distinguishing factor from generic merchandise is the inclusion of the crime syndicate's infamous "R" logo. However, that hasn't stopped the Japanese company from embracing the trio's spirit for profit, as many social media users have pointed out.

Despite the outcry, a number of diehard Pokemon fans were already eagerly filling their online shopping carts with every available item.

No matter what you may think of The Pokemon Company, one thing is clear: it has mastered the art of maximizing profits through merchandising. Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware of the exorbitant amounts of money that Pokemon enthusiasts are willing to shell out for rare Pokemon cards.

In fact, just this week, one particular individual spent a whopping $25,000 on a rare second-grader's hand-drawn Pokemon card.

All the Team Rocket merchandise is available on the Pokemon Center website.

So, the next time you feel like you're spending too much money on clothing, keep in mind that there are people out there who willingly spent 80 bucks on a t-shirt with nothing but a big "R" printed on it. Perspective is everything!


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  1. To be fair here, it is not hard to trigger people on Twitter! LOL Nintendo is known for high price tags. Get over it people!

    1. I get that but come on! They want $70 for a basic white shirt with an R on it!!

  2. I blame the fan base for this. They are willing to pay way over the value for things so this allows them to continuously charge high prices for minimal effort. Just take a look at the prices of other items. It is nuts what people will pay for this stuff.

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