Modder lets you play as Mewtwo in Street Fighter 6

A Pokemon fighting game already exists in Pokken DX but this hasn't stopped modders from putting Mewtwo into Street Fighter 6.

When the worlds of Street Fighter and Pokemon collide, remarkable things occur. Such is the case with the recent character mod in the highly-anticipated game Street Fighter 6 by Capcom, where the new villainous character, JP, was replaced by an iconic Pokemon, Mewtwo.

Mewtwo as the big boss in Street Fighter 6 doesn't sound like the worst idea.

This surprising amalgamation of two distinct gaming universes is credited to the creativity and diligence of the Twitter user Mika, otherwise known as Tail__Lover.

Because of her machinations, the legendary Psychic-type Pokemon is now playable in Street Fighter 6 with a promise that more are coming.

Street Fighter 6, which came out last June 2, debuted new characters like Luke, Jamie, Kimberly, Marisa, Manon, Lily, and JP, alongside familiar faces like Ryu and Chun-Li. For a more personalized gaming experience, the title also boasted a detailed character creation system, which turned out to be a breeding ground for some truly unique results.

The role of the new villain, JP, was created to fill the void left by the long-standing antagonist, M. Bison, and Capcom didn’t hold back on making him a formidable character.

JP is a strategic manipulator who uses his deadly Psycho Power to create shadowy constructs and engage in psychological warfare with his opponents. His shadowy attacks and effects complement Mewtwo despite being a Psychic-type, fitting more with his portrayal in the aforementioned Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Now that Bison has renounced its evil ways, JP is the next villain in Street Fighter.

Seeing the parallels between Mewtwo and JP, Mika decided to embark on a mission: to replace every character in the Street Fighter 6 roster with a character possessing a large tail. Thus, the birth of the Mewtwo mod came to be. Using the model from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mika replaced JP's cane with a spoon – a possible reference to the Pokemon Adventures manga where Mewtwo uses a spoon as a shield. However, the mod isn’t without its issues; problems with hand rigging, clipping, and absent facial animations are among the known challenges.

Mika’s innovative mod has stirred a buzz within the Street Fighter and Pokemon communities. However, this excitement is not without its fair share of controversies. Following the mod’s release, Mika criticized users for not crediting them for their creation. Eventually, credit was given where it was due, with the mod's original sharer linking Mika's work on their post.

The intersection of the Street Fighter universe with the Pokemon world has indeed piqued the interest of gamers. It offers an unconventional yet exciting twist that blends nostalgia with novelty. As fans continue to explore the new territory that is Street Fighter 6, they are also challenged by characters like JP, who, with his vast range and zoner abilities, is not easy to take down. But, in the hands of the right player, he, or perhaps Mewtwo in this case, can be a force to be reckoned with.

We're still surprised that Pokken Tournament still hasn't gotten a sequel after all this time.

Of course, don't expect this crossover to happen in an official capacity anytime soon - Nintendo's lawyers are probably on the wings, waiting for the go signal as we speak.


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  1. Street Fighter 6 mods have been so wild this year. I am going to have to try this ASAP. Sounds incredible!

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