MUSCLE LEGENDS – Free codes (June 2023)

These Roblox Muscle Legends codes will get your avatars pumping with free stat bonuses and gems that players need to rise in ranks.

Muscle Legends on Roblox lets players answer the question "do you even lift, bro?" And the answer is YES. The game is filled to the brim with big and bulky avatars showing off their biceps, pecs, and more. Avatars build up their strength and power to discover new moves and collect pets in their journey to become the mightiest muscle master.

These Roblox Muscle Legends codes will get your avatars pumping with free stat bonuses, spins, and gems! (Images: Scriptbloxian Studios and Roblox)

And these Muscle Legends codes will give you the extra boosts to strength, agility, and gems to unlock new pets and special moves.

What is Muscle Legends?

Muscle Legends is a Roblox fighting game developed by Scriptbloxian Studios. The game was released on August 9, 2019. Gameplay centers on bodybuilding and massive muscle gains. Avatars rise in Ranks which has two tiers: Rookie and Elite. These avatars will also grow in size, going from athletic, to beefy WWE gladiators, to literal titans towering over mere mortals.

Get those muscles pumping! Lift barbells, run on treadmills, and do more exercises to build up Strength, Agility, and Durability in Roblox Muscle Legends.

And how do players gain Ranks? Just like any athlete, of course, which is through exercise. For example, lifting weights will increase their Strength. Running on treadmills will build up their Agility. Punching rocks increases Durability. There are multiple forms of exercise and equipment in the game that can be used to improve Muscle Legends stats. Once these stats are high enough, they can be used to unlock new special moves that can be unleashed in combat.

The stats in Muscle Legends can also be consumed as a form of currency. For instance, Rebirths are used to unlock new gyms and consume Strength, Durability, and 50% Agility. But it requires 10K strength to purchase rebirths. Rebirths are essential to move from the Rookie tier to the Elite tier of character Ranks.

Gems are another currency used to buy pets that are essential to increase stats and evolve them by leveling up. These gems can be obtained by defeating other players, selling items, and through rebirths.

As of the most recent date, Muscle Legends has reached to 1.3 billion visits and more than 2 million favorites are recorded on the game’s official Roblox page.

What are Muscle Legends codes?

Scriptbloxian Studios occasionally releases Muscle Legends codes. These promo codes reward players with freebies like Agility, Strength, and gems for purchasing pets, moves and performing character Rebirths.

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Working Muscle Legends codes (as of June 2023)

These are the currently active Muscle Legends codes that are still working as the date last checked.

  • epicreward500 - Redeeming this code will receive 500 gems
  • MillionWarriors - Redeeming this code will receive 1.5K strength
  • frostgems10 - Redeeming this code will receive 10K gems
  • Musclestorm50 - Redeeming this code will receive 1500 Strength
  • spacegems50 - Redeeming this code will receive 5K gems
  • megalift50 - Redeeming this code will receive 250 Strength
  • speedy50 - Redeeming this code will receive 250 Agility
  • Skyagility50 - Redeeming this code will receive 500 Agility
  • galaxycrystal50 - Redeeming this code will receive 5K gems
  • supermuscle100 - Redeeming this code will receive 200 Strength
  • superpunch100 - Redeeming this code will receive 100 Strength
  • epicreward500 - Redeeming this code will receive 500 gems
  • launch250 - Redeeming this code will receive 250 gems

Expired Muscle Legends codes (as of June 2023)

There are currently no expired Muscle Legends codes, as of the date last checked. When old and inactive codes are confirmed, they will be added under this list.

How can I redeem Muscle Legends free codes?

Clicking the Twitter "bird" icon will pull up the Muscle Legends code redemption text box.

You can redeem free codes for Muscle Legends by follow these easy steps:

  1. Launch Muscle Legends in Roblox.
  2. Click the Twitter "bird" icon on the right side to open the Codes option.
  3. Enter the active code in the "Type Code Here" box.
  4. Click Enter to receive your rewards and enjoy!

Are there more Muscle Legends codes and free stuff?

Players an follow the game’s developers, Scriptbloxian Studios, on their official Twitter and YouTube to get updates on Muscle Legends news and releases of promo codes.

Players may also opt to join the Muscle Legends Roblox Group page to get notifications and receive +1 daily spins and unlock group chest given by the developer. Members of the page receive x2 Strength from Training, +2 Daily Fortune Spins, x2 Chest Rewards, and +1 Pet Slot.

Demigod brawler? Leaping luchador? Pro wrestling superstar? Whether man, monster, or myth, you can build your own Muscle Legends avatar.

Plus, bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D. We continually update the lists once new codes for Muscle Legends are released.

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