Remedy "confirms" Alan Wake 2 release date and DLC

Alan Wake 2 spent most of last year in the "production phase" and is currently being polished ahead of its release before the year ends.

Alan Wake 2 marks the official return of the writer's block-ridden crime fiction author in a more memorable survival horror thriller. But, we've heard very little about the highly anticipated sequel since it was confirmed and entered production two years ago at Remedy Entertainment.

In an ideal world, Alan Wake 2 will be out by Halloween and get 3 pieces of DLC content over the next two years.

Now, the developers have confirmed more details about the upcoming title.

As part of its 2022 annual report, Remedy confirmed that Alan Wake 2 is in full production. This means that it's already in Alpha or Beta testing. The developer didn't confirm the actual status of the game's progress, but it reaffirmed that it will be coming out this year as an Epic Games Store exclusive on the PC along with a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X release.

Elsewhere in the same report, Remedy described Alan Wake 2 as the company's "first foray into the survival horror genre" as it promised a "more twisted, layered, deep dive" compared to the first game.

Alan Wake 2 is shaping up to be a massive improvement over its cult-classic predecessor with a much bigger production value.

Remedy Entertainment was extremely candid in its 2022 fiscal year report. The company detailed its gaming portfolio and what it refers to as its "stage gate process." As revealed in the report, Remedy has released 2 out of its 7-game lineup.

The first one, Control, came out in 2019 and is one-third of its publishing partnership with 505 Games. It has sold more than 3.6 million copies so far, which is enough for Remedy to release a full sequel and what we're presuming is the multiplayer spin-off that's referred to as "Codename Condor."

The other one is Alan Wake Remastered, which came out two years ago on all modern platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

Aside from the titles we've mentioned, Remedy Entertainment has partnered with Rockstar Games to do a full remake of Max Payne 1 & 2 and Tencent for "Codename Vanguard."

As of the time of writing, Codename Condor, Control 2, and Codename Vanguard are currently in "proof of concept", where a team of up to 50 individuals will work on "producing a piece of the game that is close to the final quality" for 3-6 months. Afterward, the project will move on to the "production readiness" stage, a process that can take another six months before it goes into "full production", where a maximum of 200 staff members will work together for 1-2 years to launch the game.

Alan Wake 2 will be the first of Remedy Entertainment's massive release slate for this decade.

Based on Remedy's production timeline, we're between 2-3 years away from seeing Codename Condor, Control 2, and Codename Vanguard, out on the market. On the other hand, the Max Payne 1&2 remake might take even longer since it's a partner IP.

For now, Remedy is all-in on Alan Wake 2. As per Remedy, once the game is in the "live stage", the company will support it for up to 2 years and release up to 3 DLCs.

Remedy Entertainment's most recent project, CrossfireX, was widely considered a commercial and critical failure. Its servers will shut down in May.


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