Microsoft estimates that Sony's Project Q handheld will cost $300

The estimated price of the upcoming handheld device was revealed in one of the tech giant's filings for the FTC hearing.

We've learned a lot of interesting things from the Microsoft vs FTC hearings, including the potential price of the Project Q. 

Lawyers for Microsoft estimate that the new Project Q handheld will be priced similarly to the Xbox Series S.

Sony officially revealed its latest hardware in its most recent PlayStation showcase last month, which marks the company's return to the handheld market after the PlayStation Vita.

Unfortunately, Sony’s new handheld console will be different from its predecessors as it's not a standalone device. It's only marketed as an accessory to the PlayStation 5 as it can only stream games remotely from the flagship console.

Ahead of its release, the main point of contention about Project Q is its pricing. If it's too expensive, no one will bother paying for an overpriced accessory. Now, Axios reporter Stephen Totilo reports that Microsoft has given an estimate of how much Project Q will cost.

According to one of its filings for the FTC case, the tech giant believes that the new handheld will be priced at under $300.

"Sony is also anticipated to release a handheld version of PlayStation 5 later this year for under $300," Microsoft said in a filing to the FTC.

Microsoft’s estimate didn't come with any further context or factual support to back up the claim. The price can't be taken as completely accurate. However, the estimated price of the Project Q does make some sense considering what it is capable of. We believe that Sony cannot price the device higher since it can only stream games and does not run titles natively.

The Project Q is rumored to have an 8-inch 1080p screen with a 60FPS refresh rate with technology found in the DualSense controller. The device reportedly has only four hours of battery life which is a major letdown.

Sony is positioning the Project Q as a companion device to the PS5.

The Project Q has been mentioned as part of Microsoft’s argument that the Switch should be considered as a competitor to the Xbox and PlayStation. The FTC believes that the Switch should not be seen as a competitor as the device differs in its capabilities and hardware when compared to the much more powerful home consoles. Microsoft argues that the presence of popular Xbox and PlayStation titles like Fortnite, Minecraft, MLB The Show, and NBA 2K makes the Switch a competitor. The tech giant may have mentioned the Project Q to include more handheld competition but interestingly did not mention the Steam Deck or ROG Ally.

Fans have been disappointed with the Project Q as many feel that the device’s development was rushed by Sony to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck and the ASUS ROG Ally. However, Sony does not seem to position the Project Q as a competitor to these devices but rather as a step up to the PS5 Backbone One controller for Android devices. The Project Q has been in development at Sony since 2015.

The Sony Project Q is set to release later this year.  


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