Kick CEO confirms interest in signing Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect will be the third big streamer to join Kick this month alone if he signs a new deal with the upstart streaming platform.

In the high-stakes world of live streaming, the name of the game is acquiring top talent, and Kick is playing to win. Kick's CEO, Ed Craven, has recently expressed interest in signing one of the industry’s most infamous personalities, Dr Disrespect. This potential collaboration, if it comes to fruition, may drastically reshape the dynamics of the streaming industry.

We're curious to find out if Kick is willing to give Dr Disrespect the contract he wants.

During an interview with esports host Jake Lucky, Eddie confessed his admiration for Dr Disrespect and hinted at ongoing talks with the controversial figure’s team.

A longtime fan of the Doctor, Eddie shared, “I've personally been a massive fan of Dr Disrespect for a long time. Having the chance to work alongside these guys is so cool. Doc is someone that we would love to work with. We are talking with his team; we are talking with everyone."

The implication of such a partnership is massive, considering the tumultuous journey of Dr Disrespect. He was banned from Twitch in 2020 under unexplained circumstances, which led to Doc making a successful transition to YouTube. Now, his potential move to Kick promises another significant shift in the streaming ecosystem.

Kick’s aggressive talent acquisition strategy has been pivotal in its rapid growth. The platform has attracted a handful of the world's biggest streamers like xQc and Amouranth, as well as Ninja. As a result, it recently celebrated a big milestone - reaching ten million user accounts. The signing of Dr Disrespect could further accelerate Kick’s momentum in its ongoing competition with streaming giants like Twitch and YouTube.

However, Kick's association with Stake, a crypto casino and gambling website, has raised eyebrows and sparked debates in the gaming community. Yet, despite the ongoing controversy, Kick seems undeterred in its ambitious endeavors. Eddie asserts, "We want to work with everyone; we want to make things happen; we want to bring people over."

Dr Disrespect's following is going to be huge for Kick if it can secure him to a deal.

Adding further fuel to the speculative fire, Dr Disrespect himself showed a keen interest in Kick, tweeting about a $50M contract with the platform. Given that he currently holds no exclusivity contracts, this move, while momentous, remains a viable possibility.

This potential signing is getting mixed reactions from the internet. Some feel Dr Disrespect deserves a hefty contract. But, others express caution, advising Kick to ensure a clean environment to avoid any missteps experienced by other platforms. Meanwhile, skeptics question Kick's financial model, expressing concerns about its sustainability. Despite the concerns, Eddie appears confident about Kick’s approach, emphasizing their goal to give streamers what they’re worth.

Kick’s pursuit of Dr Disrespect signals a notable shift in the live streaming landscape. As the platform continues to challenge industry norms, it sets the stage for an increasingly competitive environment. Kick's disruptive tactics underscore a new era in the digital entertainment sector, one where the players are as unpredictable as the games they stream.

Kick is doing what every startup should, but the bigger question is if it can continue doing so once it's no longer the upstart.

Whether Dr Disrespect will sign with Kick remains to be seen, but one thing is clear - the stakes have never been higher, and the live streaming industry continues to evolve in intriguing ways.


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    1. Well, I would not go that far. I watch too many other people that have not even considered moving to Kick yet.

  1. Kick has a lot of things going wrong for it but many would argue it was the right moves. For one, they have an entire section just for woman to be e-thots in bikinis and hot tubs. Like that is such lazy content but I get it... it makes them money... I think the platform NEEDS names like Disrespect to join to counterbalance stuff like this though.

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