Play now, decide later with the new Steam game trial

Bid farewell to the days of wasting money on awful games without the chance to test them out first beforehand.

Valve has just introduced a new feature on Steam that will leave Redfall players wishing it had been available sooner.

With the launch of Steam game trials, players now have the opportunity to test a game before committing to a purchase. This marks a departure from the previous format, where players had to buy a game and return it within a two-hour window. Currently, the trial feature is exclusively available for the 2023 Dead Space remake, for a limited period of 90 minutes.

What makes this feature even more appealing is that, unlike demos that restrict players to a specific point in the game, the trial feature allows players to freely explore as much as they desire within the allotted time frame.

Most gamers will undoubtedly appreciate this new feature, especially after disappointing experiences with titles like Redfall and the PC ports of The Last of Us and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which were plagued by performance issues.

The Dead Space remake has been described as a faithful rebuild of Isaac Clarke’s survival horror adventure.

Currently, EA Motive is providing a 20% discount on the Dead Space remake available on Steam, with a price of $48 until May 29, coinciding with the trial's final day of offer. However, in order to access the 90-minute trial, players must download the full game.

Although the trial is still in its initial phase, Valve and other game publishers are undoubtedly keeping a close eye on this new feature to gauge its reception among Steam players.


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