Jagged Alliance 3 finally has a release date, 20 years after its announcement

THQ Nordic's dedication to Jagged Alliance fans has been clearly demonstrated, which makes it easy to forgive the lengthy 20-year wait.

The passing of Michael Jackson, the election of Donald Trump as the US President, and Brexit. If you're wondering about the connection between these events, here's a simple answer: All three events transpired between the announcement of Jagged Alliance 3 and the revelation of an official release date.

After two long decades, fans of the tactical turn-based RPG can now rejoice as the third installment in the Jagged Alliance series is set to arrive on PC on July 14.

Back in 2004, before the existence of YouTube, Strategy First and Game Factory Interactive revealed that the development of the next two games in the series would be entrusted to Russian developer MiST Land South.

Following a string of unsuccessful collaborations between various studios, the game languished in development hell until 2015, when Nordic Games took over. However, it wasn't until six years later that Austrian game publisher THQ Nordic made the announcement that the game was finally making progress under the capable hands of developer Haemimont Games.

The first game in the series was released in 1995 for MS-DOS.

With the end now in sight, Haemimont promises to deliver an action-packed combat experience, including an open RPG structure and an online co-op mode. With a roster of 40 unique mercenaries, including familiar faces making a comeback, players can build their squads and engage in strategic battles.

During launch, the game will only offer "basic mod support" but Haemimont plans to expand the customization options further to enable players to create and share their own campaigns, introduce new mercenaries, and explore "possibilities beyond our current imagination".

You can check out the features trailer above as we eagerly await the opportunity to liberate the nation of Grand Chien from the tyrannical rule of the paramilitary force known as The Legion.


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