Squid Game reality show is coming to Netflix this November

Watching 455 contestants engage in absurd challenges, only to ultimately fall short of winning $4.56 million, is worth the November Netflix subscription.

We live in an absurd world where a dangerous and deadly Korean survival drama series can be adapted into a reality show. Yet, as long as the dollar remains supreme, you can expect anything to become a reality. Case in point, the upcoming Squid Game reality show that has just received an official release window.

Squid Game: The Challenge, a 10-episode reality series inspired by the eponymous Netflix hit show, will make its premiere this November. The show will follow a similar premise to its predecessor, featuring 456 participants who will vie for the chance to claim a staggering $4.56 million, a record cash prize in the history of reality TV.

Here's a concise overview of the show:

Players will be put to the test in a series of games inspired by the show, along with some surprising new additions that will push them to their limits. Strategy, alliances and character are crucial in order to survive the tension. The stakes are high, but thankfully, in this game, the worst fate anyone will face is going home empty-handed.

Nevertheless, the production of the show has been marred by controversy following allegations of negligence. For example, in the middle of filming in London, contestants were subjected to freezing temperatures and excessive exhaustion, with some forced to endure prolonged periods without movement during the Red Light, Green Light game.

Given the amount of money players stand to lose, it was anticipated that such concerns would arise. However, Netflix has emphatically refuted all allegations of contestant mistreatment , stating, "Any claims of serious injury are untrue."

Squid Game holds the record for Netflix's most-watched series.

Regardless, Netflix is well aware of the immense cult following Squid Game has garnered, and it's fully committed to going all in terms of capitalizing on its success. Currently, the streamer is working on developing a second season of the show, and there are reports of an English-language adaptation of the first season in progress, with David Fincher at the helm.


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