MultiVersus goes offline to prepare for its full launch in 2024

While the hiatus raises uncertainties and challenges, the game's dedicated community is eagerly awaiting its return.

MultiVersus, the platform fighter featuring a diverse roster of characters from Warner Bros' IP, has gone offline until its full release in 2024.

By shutting Multiversus down for a year, the development team has a chance to work on the game with minimal distractions.

The game's open beta garnered significant popularity, providing a fresh alternative to the dominance of Smash Bros in the genre. However, with the servers now shut down, players are left wondering about the future of MultiVersus and whether the community will return in full force when it relaunches next year.

Developer Player First Games made the decision to take MultiVersus offline in March, providing the team an opportunity to work on the game without the demands of maintaining a live service. Despite the long-term hiatus, players can still enjoy local matches and the training room. Additionally, all unlockable content, including characters and cosmetics, will remain free until the game comes back online. But, the absence of online play raises questions about the game's future community and its ability to recapture the initial excitement upon relaunch.

We still aren't quite sold on the live-service plans for MultiVersus but there are encouraging signs that it might work given proper time and execution.

It's worth noting that MultiVersus failed to sustain the momentum it generated when it first came out, which is partly the reason why fans are so concerned about whether it can successfully return in the first place.

With the plethora of fighting games set to launch in the interim, including Tekken 8 and Mortal Kombat 1, just to name a few, there's speculation that MultiVersus will struggle.

If nothing else, the decision to take MultiVersus offline is for a good cause. The development team wants to learn from the open beta and refine the game before its launch. It wants to focus on content cadence, introducing new characters, maps, and modes to enhance the gameplay experience with minimal pauses. Additionally, improvements to the net code, matchmaking, and the progression system are on the agenda.

The extended period of development during the offline phase presents an opportunity for MultiVersus to return with plenty of updates and innovations, potentially revitalizing the player base and reinvigorating interest in the game.

It's hard to deny that the success of live service titles heavily relies on maintaining players' interest and engagement, which is why it's crucial for MultiVersus to make a strong comeback.

The success of MultiVersus' lengthy delay lies on how good the game will be once it comes back.

While challenges lie ahead, the temporary goodbye serves as a reminder that the game's journey is far from over. With updates and improvements on the horizon, the community eagerly awaits the day they can reunite with MultiVersus in all its glory.

Fans can, at the very least, rest easy knowing that Warner Bros. Discovery knows what it's doing. It recently did the same to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League following fan backlash. The hope is for both of these games to become more fine-tuned and polished products following a year of further development.

With The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Final Fantasy 16 both serving as examples of long-time delays working well, MultiVersus deserves the benefit of the doubt.


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