Is Sony really hosting a second PlayStation Showcase this year?

If we're being honest here, the better question here would be, "Should Sony hold another PlayStation showcase this year?"

Since Sony revealed its absence from the ultimately canceled E3 2023 event, fans are waiting for the PlayStation Showcase, which finally aired on Wednesday. Surprisingly, barely a week has elapsed, and rumors are already circulating about another PlayStation Showcase slated for later this year.

Will Sony have another PlayStation Showcase?

According to Colin Moriarty, the founder of Last Stand Media, it is highly likely that another PlayStation Showcase will be held later this year.

I've heard from people that I know and I think it's pretty obvious that there will be another Showcase later in the year. I assume it will be more focused on some of these games that are rattling around.

Although Colin Moriarty is renowned for his prominent PlayStation podcast and is considered a reliable insider, the source and credibility of this recent information is questionable. It is especially uncanny how such details have emerged mere days after Sony presented one of the most underwhelming showcases in recent memory.

With the previous showcase taking place two years ago fans held great expectations for this year's event as they eagerly anticipated significant announcements from acclaimed AAA studios like Naughty Dog and Bend Studio. Unfortunately, the showcase proved to be more akin to a State of Play presentation than a grand showcase, leaving much to be desired. The only game truly worth highlighting was Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for release later this year.

While a few indie games like Phantom Blade Zero exhibited promise, the major crux of this showcase revolved around the scarcity of first-party titles from Sony. Even for the games that managed to spark some interest among viewers, no release dates were provided. To make matters worse, Xbox trolled the showcase through its Twitter account by pointing out that a significant portion of the games were multi-platform, with the quote: "What a good looking group 😎".

In any case, Sony's decision to host a lackluster PlayStation Showcase just a few weeks prior to its main rival's event, only to subsequently plan another showcase later in the year, is truly baffling. Undoubtedly, Xbox's Phil Spencer must be feeling a sense of relief, as Sony has seemingly made it easier for Xbox to outshine them in their upcoming showcase next month.

All Xbox needs to do now is unveil gameplay footage from one of its highly anticipated exclusives, such as Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, Perfect Dark, Avowed or the Forza Motorsport reboot that has been confirmed for the showcase.

Only time will tell whether Sony indeed intends to host a second showcase. If they do, it is our sincere hope that Jim Ryan now knows that streaming a Gran Turismo movie trailer in a games showcase is unacceptable, especially when it's coming from the likes of Sony.


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