Is MachineGames working on Wolfenstein 3?

While Indiana Jones is the primary focus of MachineGames at the moment, there's reason to believe that the developer is working on a Wolfenstein game as well.

Nearly four years have passed since MachineGames last developed a Wolfenstein game. As they now embark on the development of an Indiana Jones game, fans of the Wolfenstein series can't help but wonder if the developer will return to castle Wolfenstein it.

MachineGames developing Wolfenstein 3?

A recent job listing for a Senior Animator position at MachineGames has ignited a glimmer of hope, suggesting the developer's potential involvement in a new Wolfenstein game. This speculation is further fueled by these two specific requirements listed in the "Qualifications" section:

  • Shipped at least 1 AAA title and been part of a full production cycle.
  • Passion for video games and especially for first-person immersive games.

Furthermore, in the "Preferred Skills" section, MachineGames has included a list of skills that would provide an added advantage to prospective candidates, notably:

  • Experience animating creatures or quadruped characters.
  • Strong familiarity with MachineGamesĀ“ titles.

Considering all these factors, let's examine why it's plausible that MachineGames could be working on the next installment in the Wolfenstein series. Firstly, their confirmed project, Indiana Jones, is best suited for a third-person perspective, given the game's focus on exploration and action-packed adventures rooted in its mythology.

The first Wolfenstein game developed by MachineGames was 2014's Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Secondly, it is worth noting that MachineGames has primarily focused on AAA titles from the Wolfenstein series since 2014. Thirdly, fans of the Wolfenstein series are well aware that the games prominently feature various four-legged creatures, including the likes of the Kampfhund and Panzerhund.

To bolster our argument, a former UI/UX Designer at MachineGames shared on their LinkedIn profile that they contributed to both the "upcoming Indiana Jones game and another unannounced project." Although we lack specific details about the unannounced project, it could be a potential Wolfenstein game.

Should MachineGames indeed be working on the next installment of the Wolfenstein series, hardcore fans will undoubtedly be hoping that the developer can redeem itself from the disappointing 2019 release of Youngblood.

Co-developed with Arkane Studios, Youngblood received significant backlash due to its inclusion of microtransactions, subpar AI design, and the absence of the option to play as the iconic Nazi-terminator William "B.J." Blazkowicz.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood only allows players to assume the roles of BJ Blazkowicz's twin daughters, Jessie or Zofia Blazkowicz.

Hopefully, we will get an official confirmation of the much-awaited threequel, with BJ Blazkowicz being a playable character once more.


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