Defend the Belfry from monsters in Xbox’s exclusive, Towerborne

In a shift in direction, Stoic Studio is moving away from the Banner franchise and embracing a more family-friendly approach in Towerborne.

With Stoic Studio unveiling an exciting first glimpse of its upcoming title, Towerborne, any previous misconceptions about its resemblance to Princess Mononoke, fueled by Jeff Grubb's misleading statement, can easily be forgiven.

Stoic Studios' Towerborne

Towerborne invites players into a fascinating fantasy realm where the City of Numbers relies on the impregnable Belfry as a final bastion against monsters lurking beyond its walls.

Within this action-adventure RPG brawler, players step into the shoes of an Ace, an immortal knight tasked with venturing beyond the safety of the Belfry's confines.

As an Ace, their mission is to explore the treacherous world outside and safeguard the inhabitants dwelling within the protective hold of the fortress. While Aces are not immune to death, they possess a unique ability to resurrect and retain vivid memories of their previous demise, which they discuss openly.

Players in Towerborne have the option to travel alone or team up with up to three fellow Aces. Furthermore, the game lets players personalize their Ace in every aspect, including looks, gear, and weapons. With four distinct styles to choose from (War Clubs, Gauntlets, Dual Daggers, and Swords and Shields), players can switch up the danger level at any point in the game, if they wish to improve their gameplay experience.

The best part about Towerborne is Stoic Studio has designed it as a seasonal game. This means that players can anticipate a continuous stream of fresh content, including new maps, enemies, and abilities, added over time.

Towerborne will allow for organic co-op play, which means that one specific person on the team won’t be responsible for one role.

Announced at the Xbox Games Showcase, Towerborne will arrive on Xbox Series X/S, PC, and the Game Pass in 2024.


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