Thunder Lotus Games' next project, 33 Immortals, is coming to Xbox in 2024

Thunder Lotus Games is elevating the co-op gaming experience to new heights by introducing support for up to 33 players.

If you have fond memories of playing Jotun, Sundered, and Spiritfarer, then you'll be delighted by this next bit of news. Thunder Lotus Games, the studio behind these three games, has revealed its next ambitious project, 33 Immortals, and if you have any intention of playing this title, it's time to start assembling a squad of 32 friends, if you can manage to find that many.

Thunder Lotus Games - 33 Immortals

Unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase, 33 Immortals is an action-roguelike co-op game that supports an impressive 33 players, each assuming the role of a damned soul defiantly rebelling against God's ultimate judgment. Serving as the Canadian indie developer's inaugural foray into online multiplayer titles, 33 Immortals features a wealth of customization options that complement a player's unique playstyle, including the ability to mix and match weapons, perks, and persistent upgrades.

Drawing inspiration from the highly acclaimed 2021 game Hades, 33 Immortals introduces a "pick-up and raid" system for its matchmaking to ensure players can dive into the action without delay. The game also incorporates randomized enemies, challenges, and rewards, guaranteeing a unique experience with each roguelike run.

Creative Director Stephan Logier shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming game in a press release, stating:

We can’t wait to show players what we’ve been cooking up over the past few years. It’s an exciting time for our studio! The 33 Immortals team is especially proud to be building on the strengths of the studio, by expanding Thunder Lotus’ immersive hand-drawn experiences onto a broader multiplayer canvas. And we feel that 33-player co-op really brings something fresh and new to the roguelike space—we hope fans will join us in Beta and Early Access to help us make the game something truly special.

33 Immortals is inspired by Dante's 'The Divine Comedy'.

Coming in early 2024, 33 Immortals is set to be released on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox Game Pass. The game will be available in early access for $29.99. If you're eager to get into the action, you can sign up for beta play on the game's official website.

Will you be joining the rebellion and facing the wrath of God head-on? Tell us what you think about 33 Immortals in the comment section below.


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