The Righteous Gemstones Season 3 Episode 2: A new threat reveals itself

The "Cycle Ninjas" may be gone, but a new menacing threat has emerged, proving to be equally if not more violent.

Praise! Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the highly anticipated new season of The Righteous Gemstones has made its debut, and it's been nothing short of magnificent.

The second episode kicks off with Stephen getting an earful from his wife after confessing to losing his job at the church (to which she concludes that he must be using coke again and proceeds to knock some hard-hitting sense into him with a blender).

Meanwhile, at the Gemstones' residence, Gideon's parents have had enough of him bumming at home following his on-set accident. As a result, Gideon is forcefully assigned the job of chauffeuring his grandfather around.

At the same time, Judy takes a decisive stance to nip her "roadhead affair" in the bud by offering Stephen a payoff to go off into the sunset. However, Stephen isn't willing to go down without a fight and reveals his disturbing devotion to Judy by admitting that he would go as far as murdering his family for her.

Stephen might be just as dark as Judy after that cafe scene.

On the other hand, Eli pays a visit to the militia installation where his sister's children have sought refuge with their father (props to the showrunners for that Sturgill Simpson cameo).

There, he meets Peter, Mary's husband, and their sons, who reside with the Brothers of Tomorrow's Fires. The whole setup looks like a Waco siege waiting to happen, and true to the irony, it unfolds as the authorities launch a raid on the compound just after the Gemstones' departure.

Like John Wick, Eli will be forced out of retirement now that Peter is out for blood.

Back at the church, tensions rise as the church ministers summon the Gemstone siblings for a meeting, which, from the past, is a sure sign of trouble ahead. Seeking assistance from their father, the Gemstone siblings find themselves caught up in a series of unexpected events.

Despite promising to resolve matters with the ministers, Eli's attention is diverted when he rushes to aid Mary's sons, who are on the run from their father. As a result, the responsibility of leading the meeting falls upon the Gemstone siblings. As expected, chaos ensues, leading to a comical shoe fight, all while Kelvin echoes his chant in the background, "We, the three, and you."

Unless Eli Gemstone comes back from retirement, there's no chance that the ministers will return.

The highlight of the episode, however, arrives when Eli and his nephews get caught up in a thrilling car chase. Gideon, showing off his Hollywood skills, pulls off a daring stunt straight out of the Fast and Furious playbook, evading the pursuers and proving to his grandfather that he's the right man for the chauffeur job.

Season 3 wastes no time in establishing Peter and his militia as the primary antagonists moving forward. And though it's too early to make definitive judgments, Gideon's impressive driving prowess might just be the key to wooing Dusty back into the fold, especially now that Jesse's idiotic antics have sparked a personal vendetta with the Simkins.

Gideon Gemstone will likely be the hero of this season.

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for this new season, and it's shaping up to be quite a ride. Now, all that's left is to see how Baby Billy Freeman, with his knack for misbehavin', will shake things up before the season's grand finale.


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    1. I always liked him as a comedic actor and seeing him be a mix of serious and funny has been a treat.

  1. Maybe it is just me but I thought the first season was OK. Nothing amazing. I am going to start the next season this weekend.

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