Extraction 2 sets new Netflix opening weekend record for 2023

While it may seem ambitious to imagine Extraction reaching the same heights as John Wick, we can hold on to that hope nonetheless.

Just when we thought it was rare for sequels these days to outperform their predecessors, Extraction 2 comes along, much like John Wick: Chapter 2, and surpasses all expectations, establishing itself as a fan favorite within the action genre. But that's not all. The Chris Hemsworth-led film has now shattered a Netflix record that seems unbeatable by any other release this year.

According to the latest Netflix stats, the Extraction sequel was watched over 42.8 million times within its first three days of release. This translates to 88.4 million viewing hours of action-packed entertainment!

It's no surprise that the film skyrocketed to the top of the movie charts, securing its position as the most-watched film of the week. And here's the cherry on top: Extraction 2 now holds the record for the biggest opening weekend on Netflix for 2023.

This record was previously held by Jennifer Lopez's action flick The Mother, which garnered 83.7 million viewing hours during its opening weekend. Furthermore, the Russo Brothers film soared past last year's sensation, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which clocked in at 82.14 million viewing hours. However, it fell just shy of their other blockbuster, The Gray Man, which recorded a commendable 88.55 million viewing hours.

As expected, the sequel's phenomenal success has attracted a surge of viewers to the first film, accumulating a remarkable 18.8 million viewing hours in the same duration to propel it to the second spot on the list of the week's most-watched films.

Georgian actress Tinatin Dalakishvili, who plays Ketevan, the woman being rescued by Tyler Rake, broke her leg while filming the single-take action sequence.

With Chris Hemsworth officially confirming a third installment in the Extraction series, fans of the franchise will be eagerly awaiting to see how director Sam Hargrave will surpass the incredible 21-minute single-take action sequence that has garnered immense acclaim from both critics and audiences alike.

Most likely, we'll have to wait until the first half of Rebel Moon premieres later this year for Netflix to release a film that can potentially rival the numbers posted by Extraction 2.


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  1. Movies like Extraction are showing me that the movie industry is starting to pay attention to what people want to watch again!

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