Sony reveals Alan Wake 2 release date

Alan Wake 2 will chronicle the titular character’s attempts to escape the Dark Place where he has been stuck for 13 years.

Alan Wake 2, the long-awaited sequel to the 2010 action-adventure title Alan Wake, finally has a release date.

We will finally get the sequel to 2010's Alan Wake game this October.

During the PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday, Sony revealed that the survival horror title will arrive this October, in line with an earlier report by Matthew Perreta, who voices the game’s titular character.

Sony also revealed the title’s gameplay trailer to PlayStation’s YouTube channel. It opens with a monologue by the titular character, Wake, who talks about how he is trapped in a nightmare. Wake also states that he "writes to escape [the nightmare]" and that "every word is a step forward….. into darkness."

Alan Wake tells the story of the titular character, a bestselling thriller author, who discovers that the events of his latest book come to life. By the end of the first game, the character is trapped in an alternate dimension.

Alan Wake 2 picks up from where the first title ended. It features the titular character trying to write his way to freedom. In the new game, Wake is joined by a new playable character, FBI Agent Saga Anderson, who features as his co-lead.

The trailer then shows both characters with weapons and encountering different enemies. It also hints that Wake escapes his nightmare as his path eventually crosses that of Agent Anderson.

Alan Wake 2 will feature a new playable character and co-lead, FBI Agent Saga Anderson.

He began, "A string of ritualistic murders threatens Bright Falls, a small-town community surrounded by the Pacific Northwest wilderness. Anderson, an accomplished FBI agent with a reputation for solving impossible cases, arrives to investigate the murders. Soon the events spiral into a nightmare when she discovers pages of a horror story that start to come true around her. Somehow the events seem to lead to Alan Wake, the horror writer who went missing 13 years ago."

Puha went on to describe Wake’s situation. He stated, "Alan Wake, a lost writer trapped in a nightmare beyond our world, writes a story in an attempt to shape the reality around him and escape his prison. With a dark horror hunting him in the Dark Place, Wake is trying to retain his sanity and beat the devil at his own game."

Apart from the release date for Alan Wake 2, Sony provided updates on several other incoming games like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Assassin's Creed Mirage.

Alan Wake 2 is one of the many games currently in development over at Remedy Entertainment. The sequel arrives on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC on October 17.


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