Craig Mazin denies Abby appearance in The Last of Us finale

Keen-eye fans insisted that the unnamed Firefly seen running away near the end of the Season 1 finale of The Last of Us was Abby Anderson.

The Last of Us, with its intricate narrative and captivating characters, invites conjecture and speculation, making the wait for season two all the more exhilarating. In the meantime, we've been getting bits and pieces of information regarding things to expect from the follow-up to one of the biggest debuts of any TV show ever - live-action adaptation or not.

In The Last of Us Part I, Abby is technically in the building when Joel storms and kills everyone that stops her from rescuing Ellie.

The most recent tidbit comes from Craig Mazin, one-half of the series' pair of showrunners, as he joined Josh Horowitz's podcast for a spell.

In a pointed clarification, Mazin confirmed that the escaping Firefly seen in the finale of HBO's The Last of Us was not Abby. However, the craftiness of the showrunners can't be overlooked - a denial might simply be a smokescreen to avoid season two spoilers.

As fans, we often don the skeptic's hat, not completely dismissing possibilities despite authoritative claims. After all, even if the said Firefly wasn't Abby, who's to say that she wasn't in the building at the time?

Abby is a critical figure in The Last of Us Part II, so even if she had no trace in the first part of the television adaptation, we'll find out more about her sooner rather than later.

Having said that, another conjecture about Abby and her role in The Last of Us Season 2 looms large - her casting. The Last of Us Part II offered a narrative stage where Abby shares the spotlight with Ellie, her role rife with significance. As the plans to adapt the events of the second game across multiple seasons become clear, the question of Abby's casting takes center stage. Showrunners Mazin and Neil Druckmann have set the fandom ablaze with anticipation as the crucial casting choice remains shrouded in mystery.

Abby's actress will have big shoes to fill, whoever she is.

Names such as Shannon Berry and Katy O'Brian have surfaced in the rumor mill, further adding fuel to the fire. However, in the same podcast, Mazin quelled the growing whispers, stating "No one has been cast" as Abby yet. Evidently, the casting process remains enigmatic, with audition scripts from the second video game reportedly being used before the writer's strike.

Then again, the choice to use the word "no one" can be considered that Mazin is hinting at the Game of Thrones actress, Maisie Williams.

It certainly wouldn't be the first time the 26-year-old English actress found herself up for a potential role in The Last of Us. And though she'd have to do quite a bit of bulking up to do Abby's role justice, The Last of Us has shown that it's willing to take certain creative liberties with the source material.

A unit of a lady, Abby's size, strength, and tenacity, makes finding the right actress for her difficult.

Speculations aside, the casting of The Last of Us has been stellar so far. Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal have embodied their roles with a compelling authenticity that has won the hearts of the audience. The casting of Abby is expected to hold the same weight, if not more, given her narrative importance in the second part of the game. As fans grapple with conjectures, wishes, and debates, the decision hangs in the air, an intriguing mystery awaiting its grand reveal.


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    1. nah she is too old for this role, abby is meant to be like 23 or something

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