Vintage wedding videos from Yorkshire, on Super 8 film

Vintage Super 8 Wedding Videos from Yorkshire, on Super 8 film

  • Hey there!Welcome to Matthew Modget Films!
  • We makebeautiful, vintage wedding videos
  • Using real film camerasfrom the 1960s
  • And using real Kodak filmlike they do in the movies
  • So that everythinglooks gloriously old fashioned and classy!
Hey there!1Welcome to Matthew Modget Films!We make2beautiful, vintage wedding videosUsing real film cameras3from the 1960sAnd using real Kodak film4like they do in the moviesSo that everything5looks gloriously old fashioned and classy!

We love weddings, we love cameras, and we love film. You can find all of these things put together at By combining all three we create truly beautiful, vintage-looking wedding films that look fantastic and last for years. If you would like to know more, visit The silencer.

Check out some of our latest videos:

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Super 8 wedding films aren’t about providing you with hours and hours of digital footage that you’ll only watch once, they’re a 5 minute mini-masterpiece set to music, that you won’t be able to stop watching, and neither will your friends and family.

You don’t have to be having a vintage wedding to want your wedding shot on Super 8, there’s a timeless quality to real film that gives things a magical, cinematic feel.

We’re based in the North York Moors, in the tranquil county of North Yorkshire, but will happily travel anywhere in the country, or even the world, for your wedding.

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Matthew Modget Films
Vintage Super 8 Wedding videos from Yorkshire